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Itineraries : Special Collections

A journey displaying the culture and the treasures of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region through visits to museums dedicated to the oddest subjects: for those who want to discover peculiar collections, for those who are interested in specific subjects or for those who want to nourish a passion enriching it with new and peculiar information. You will have the chance to learn the peculiar aspects of the history of commercial institutions, transports, postal services or the evolution of cars and motorbikes production techniques. You will go over the life of important personalities born in this land or who, after having lived here for a long time, have marked deeply its literary, theatrical, musical and sport culture. Those who will engage in “this adventure” will discover the secrets of ancient arts in the pharmacological field, in cookery and in the work craft of vintage carriages and clocks. You will also have the opportunity to go over the developing processes of cinematography and photography, discovering the history of the techniques and the tools implied. You will then search for data and documents on natural phenomena and famous natural phenomenon of the area: ranging from the “bora triestina” (strong wind that blows in the city of Trieste) to the Vajont tragic natural disaster.

Museums included in the itinerary

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