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Itineraries : Historical Residences

A route through the ancient residences of the Friuli Venezia Giulia, starting from the splendid noble residences through the magnificence of the bourgeoisie palaces to the typical houses of rural communities. The itinerary usually starts from Trieste where, among the solemn city castles, stands out the Castello di Miramare, a princely residence of the XVII century surrounded by an enormous park, the route then takes you to Gorizia where you can visit a fascinating medieval castle enriched with vintage collections and furniture. You will also have the opportunity to discover the vestige left by high bourgeoisie lineages in splendid, mainly XVII century, palaces enriched with art collections and furniture. Finally, you will then be able to live part of the daily lives of rural communities by visiting architectural elements that are typical of the Carsic area, bearing original ethnographic artefacts, typical furniture of domestic life and agriculture and craft works. You will also have chance to get to know how life in the shepherd’s huts look like, where shepherds live during the summer pasture period.

Museums included in the itinerary

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