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Itineraries : The Carsism Phenomenon

A complementary itinerary through the naturalistic sites of the territory will guide you through times and will lead you to discover the natural and geological evolution of Friuli Venezia Giulia. The main aspect of this itinerary is the phenomenon of carsism, a natural phenomenon typical of this region and strictly connected to the ceaseless flowing of waters that, throughout the centuries moulding the environment and the surrounding areas also by digging spectacular caves in the underground. You will look at fossils, archaeological and mineral finds witnessing the earth’s antiquity, you will go over the environment transformations determined by natural and anthropic factors also by visiting educational workrooms that will allow you to have a close-up of natural phenomena and the history of the territory. Inside the visit-centres located within the parks of the region you will be able to learn, through a direct contact with nature, how water is exploited to get energy out of it, how mountain resources are employed and how, sometimes, the human intervention can have devastating effects on the environment.

Museums included in the itinerary

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